Paws and such…

For those of you who needle felt, working with black, especially mostly black, can be a challenge. Lighting is important.

Today’s challenge is creating the paws which include the pads. By now, my dog is getting in the way. He is so big that I must tuck his head under my armpit to work on a front paw.

I chose to create the pads on pieces on black prefelt. This way I didn’t have to work directly on the paw to get the detail. I began making shapes and stabbing them onto the felt.

Today, I also added more muscle to the legs hoping to strengthen the structure. Again, stabbing, stabbing, stabbing. The wool must be tight.

Below are a few photos of how I create the pads

The shapes for the pads
Attached the shapes to the prefelt
Now that the pads are attached to the paw, the sculpting begins. Fur will be added later.

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