How the Book Was Made

Building the story one character at a time…

The Making of a Dragon

It all began with a dragon-making class.

The armature

I knew very little about dragons, but it was in early Spring of 2020 – during one of the early peaks of the pandemic – when Sarafina Fiber Art offered an online course in dragon making. For those unfamiliar with Sarafina Fiber Art, it is a supplier of the best wool in the land – the kind of wool I used to create my characters. The owner, Sara Renzulli, is an amazingly talented person who offers classes in needle felting. Soon after I signed up for the course, I began to research the attributes of a dragon. Surely there is something a dragon did besides breathed fire. Soon I found that dragons were hoarders. What an interesting trait to have. I began dreaming about dragons. I originally thought my dragon should be dark purple and black. But as the weeks turned into days before the class, I realized I wanted a more friendly sort. As I sorted through my many vibrant wool bundles, I found the perfect dragon-friendly colors – turquoise and aqua. The day arrived and I couldn’t wait for class. My class consisted of women from around the world – including one woman from Australia. As we introduced ourselves, I soon realized I was among dragon experts. They knew exactly what they had in mind. Me, on the other hand, knew I wanted a friendly dragon that would appear in a book one day. The class lasted six weeks. Each week another part of the body was added. And as the dragon evolved, so too, did the story of Archie’s Dragon. It was when I completed the last class, that I realized the only thing missing on my dragon was a little boy to ride on his back. It was at that moment, Archie was born.

Approving the proof.

This project took roughly 4 months to complete from the initial meeting with the set designer and the graphic designer to the book printing.


Building the Fort – designed and built by Angel Orton.

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