A life-size Scottie

On this cold, blustery, winter day, I will take this opportunity to work on my life-size Scottie. I began this project a week ago. I considered working on smaller things like mice and elves so that when October rolls around, I would have a nice inventory. Instead, I began looking for more of a challenge…something life-size, yet manageable.

When I decided to make a Scottie, I soon found myself observing every angle and movement of my Scottish Terriers – Winston and LuLu.

The head of a Scottie is similar to a brick. The body a larger brick. Very boxy. Obvious features are the beard and the eyebrows and of course, the Scottie skirt. The legs are very short.

The challenge became the weight of the body so that the legs would support the body. I added a dowel rod to the backbone, which limits the complete movement but I was willing to compromise. I decided the finished dog would be lying down with his back legs extended, a common pose for a Scottie.

As I work through the detail, I thought I would journal this challenge. I will add photos as I progress. Here is where I am now.

Began adding detail to the head
A profile
Building the body

As you can see, I go back and forth to areas that require lots of detail. I find that I work on the areas I am most interested in at the time.

One thing for sure, this size project requires a lot of stabbing. So be prepared. I keep my pen tool handy and when I just feel like stabbing to tighten areas, it’s what I do.

Stay tuned as I add more to him…

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