Furring strips

So part of this process includes adding fur. This is another tedious process and requires patience and time. Needless to say I do a little, then step away.

This step requires working with small pieces of wool and “stapling” it to the body. “Staples” are made of chunks of wools that are created by twisting the wool between your fingers and turning it into a wool noodle. The noodle is then placed on the strand and felted into the body. Once the noodle is adhered, the strand is folded over. Much like shingling.

Below are some bits and pieces of today’s progress.

A wool noodle and strands for fur
Adding fur to the paw
A silhouette…and miles to go…

2 thoughts on “Furring strips

    1. Thank you, Ann. This is certainly a challenge. Especially working with mostly black wool. I hope to learn as I look back on these journal entries. Many times I stumble upon a better way when I am struggling with a feature making this process even more exciting. By writing these ah ha moments, I tend to remember how I got there more easily the next time I create something similar.😊


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