What’s behind the hidden objects found in the fort

Things you will find in Archie’s Fort.

There are so many things to find in Archie’s fort. At the entrance you will find these flowers. What makes them unique is that they were made with candy wrappers. Wrappers that Artist Angel Orton collected from her co workers, who, including Angel, are Covid-19 nurses from Michigan. Adding this special touch is what makes this story even more special. The nurses found it a nice distraction to find items that could be included in the fort.


The significance of the nine candles is a sign to Archie providing hope to Archie that he will have a ninth birthday celebrated with joy and happiness. It is beautiful added touch by Artist Angel Orton who created the background scenes to the fort.

Stabbing, stabbing, stabbing

That’s all I’ve been doing lately using #38 and #42 needles. What I’ve learned during this process is that you must believe your instincts. And, if you measured proportions correctly, it will work. When you decide to take on a life-size project, starting from scratch is the first challenge. Measurements are key. Studying the skeleton…

Black, black and more black…

This may appear boring to you…I know it can be for me, but I just finished a right leg after 4 hours of work. Here are some pictures of my progress today. There are times through this process that I doubt myself. Especially with proportions of the body. But I remind myself that if I…

Furring strips

So part of this process includes adding fur. This is another tedious process and requires patience and time. Needless to say I do a little, then step away. This step requires working with small pieces of wool and “stapling” it to the body. “Staples” are made of chunks of wools that are created by twisting…

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