Stabbing, stabbing, stabbing

That’s all I’ve been doing lately using #38 and #42 needles. What I’ve learned during this process is that you must believe your instincts. And, if you measured proportions correctly, it will work.

When you decide to take on a life-size project, starting from scratch is the first challenge. Measurements are key. Studying the skeleton and reference photos are a must! I happen to have a Scottish Terrier that I can constantly compare proportions and muscle locations.

Today, I spent most of my day stabbing with a pen tool – one with 3 needles and one with 2.

As I mentioned earlier, black is difficult to work with. I must find just the right light to work on specific areas – more specifically, the eyes. Yesterday I spent 4 hours on the eyes.

I will continue to work on the eyes as I add details when the body is near completion

Until today, my sculpture didn’t stand on its own. I was convinced it never would. As I continued to firm areas around the legs, I realized that firmness added strength, something the legs needed to support the body. Just like smaller versions, the tightness of the wool as felting occurred made the difference. So when you think you’re done stabbing, you probably aren’t. At least not until you have a uniform shape.

The hairless body
Already likes the freedom of being able to stand on his own.

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