A New Year

2020 has been a year for exploring. Downtime provided me with an opportunity to be creative with art and writing. I’m thankful for that time. It gave me a chance to create characters from my beautiful wool collection from sarafinafiberart.com

With each stab, each nudge of the wool and tug of the strands, Archie and the cast of characters evolved.

I had the opportunity to read Archie’s Dragon to Pinecrest elementary classrooms via zoom located in Boca Raton, Florida during the month of December. I read for the bedtime story program as well as individual classrooms grades Pre-K to 3rd. I felt like I was there. The kids were great and their questions to me were priceless. Their encouragement has inspired me to begin writing another book, one that includes the same characters, and more!

I welcome the opportunity to visit other classrooms in the upcoming months!

Happy New Year!

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